Above World Anti-Spam Policy

Above World does not condone spam, allow spam (including but not limited to spam that is sent through or on ICQ, IRC, chat rooms, search engines, newsgroups, ISP specific chat rooms, instant messenger programs or any other communications tool or method whether such spam is sent to a "jump page" or other page before it arrives at an Above World hosted site or not), nor does it provide any means whereby its users can send unsolicited email. Above World forbids any user to promote his/her site through the sending of unsolicited email, and forbids the use of a Above World address as the return address on any unsolicited email. Above World will take active steps to investigate and remove the offending web site or user account on notification of a violation.

In addition, Above World has taken the following steps to defend against spam:

  1. Each user at the time of joining Above World, agrees to follow our no spam rules as contained in our acceptable use policy.
  2. Above World has created an abuse@aboveworld.com email address, as a universal mailbox for people who are not aware of our form page and would like to report content abuses.
  3. Above World has a zero tolerance policy for spam. If a site residing on Above World resorts to unsolicited email to promote the site, or utilizes Above World name, addresses, or services in any way, the site will be subject to immediate deletion from the Above World network, and that user's account will be terminated.
  4. Above World does not offer free POP or SMTP email services--all email accounts on Above World are simply forwarding accounts and forward incoming mail to other services, and and therefore cannot originate spam. In addition, every effort has been taken to prevent the relaying of spam using our mail servers.
  5. Above World will cooperate with legal authorities in releasing names and IP addresses of its users who are involved in spamming, or illegal activities using their web site.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our no-spam policy, please send it to abuse@aboveworld.com.